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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Fights in Syria Intensified Before Geneva-II

    In a joint operation with some brigades affiliated to the Syrian opposition, the Kurdish al-Akrad Front has launched an offensive against the al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS in the mainly Kurdish city of Aleppo on Tuesday.

    Following the offensive which witnessed severe clashes in the neighborhoods of Biêdin, Huluk, Bistan Basa and Maber Elriz of Aleppo, the Kurdish front liberated two neighborhoods, Biêdin and Huluk.

    Intense clashes are also reported to be taking place between the Syrian opposition and the ISIS in Bistan Basa.

    On the other hand, opposition forces have launched a cannon attack targeting the military bases of the regime forces in the Heyderiyê neighborhood.

    Many civilians were reported killed in the attack which targeted civilian residential areas as well.

    Six other people, including a child, were also killed in regime forces' artillery attack on the Heyderiyê neighborhood.

    A military headquarter of regime forces in the Elshar neighborhood was targeted by a suicide attack by ISIS.

    A large number of civilians have reportedly been killed in artillery attacks of armed groups affiliated to the Syrian opposition in the Seyf Eldewle neighborhood.

    On the other side; fighting between the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an al-Qaeda affiliate, and local opposition groups in the north of Syria is growing.

    According to reports, at least 247 people have been killed since clashes broke out on Friday.

    The fighting comes just weeks before the Geneva-II peace talks, scheduled for January 22"nd.

    The fighting began when a group of fighters identifying themselves only as 'rebels' attacked the ISIS in Cebel Cewiya on Friday, killing 34 ISIS members.

    ISIS attacks Kurdish neighborhood in Rakka

    ISIS are also reported to have launched an assault on a Kurdish neighborhood in the Tegba district of Rakka.

    According to local sources ISIS fighters killed and kidnapped a number of Kurdish civilians.

    Following the attack fighting broke out between local Kurds and al-Qaeda members. The fighting is reported to be on-going.

    According to the Human Rights Observatory, at least 274 people have been killed over the past five days of fighting. Of these 129 were members of the opposition, 99 members of al-Qaeda, and 46 civilians.

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