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    BDP Sent Geneva-2 letter to the Ban Kİ-Moon

    Peace and Democracy Party send a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and expressed its concerns and proposals regarding the Geneva II Conference.

    The letter was send with signatures of BDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and Deputy Co-Chair Nazmi Gür was published at Firat News Agency.

     BDP letter says, The Democratic Autonomy being constructed in Rojava was promoted as a more realistic and sensible model for a Democratic and Federal Syria, while support was urged for the KSC to represent the Kurds at the Geneva II Conference.

    The BDP called the KSC a 'third way' as an alternative to the Baath regime and radical obscurantist religious groups.

    Letter to Ban Ki-Moon expressed the party's concerns and proposals regarding the present crisis in Syria, which is profoundly affecting the Middle East and the Geneva II conference scheduled to take place.

    "As you know the increasing clashes between opposition groups in Syria are leading to growing instability and polarisation amongst the peoples of Syria.

    Under the Ba'athist regime the Arab, Kurds, Assyrians, Druze, Alawite, Sunni and other identities have not been able to express their cultures freely", BDP said and remarked that the Arab Spring was an opportunity for Syria to be become a more democratic country.

    BDP underlined that; "As has been widely expressed, the revolution 'has been stolen'.I particular, the radical obscurantist groups supported by certain states have negatively influenced legitimate political will in Syria.

    We consider that these groups, first and foremost Al Qaeda, bear a significant responsibility for the current dire crisis in Syria."

    The party asked the UN Secretary General to express his concerns in this regard and take measures to prevent radical obscurantism in both Syria and the wider Middle East.

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