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    Kartal: AKP and MIT have direct responsibility in Paris massacre

    Firat News Agency has interviewed president of Kurdistan People’s Congress (KONGRA-GEL) Remzi Kartal about the sound recording published on social media allegedly featuring Ömer Güney, the only suspect in the assassination in Paris of Sakine Cansız, a founding member of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), Fidan Doğan, KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) in Paris, and Leyla Şaylemez, member of the Kurdish youth movement on 9 January 2013. In the sound recording, which has been confirmed by some people reached by ANF as featuring the voice of Güney, the man tells two people, allegedly members of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT), about his plans on Paris murders.

    Kartal who is also being pointed as a target in the sound record pointed out that the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) and the ruling AKP government bear direct responsibility in the murders.
    - How do you evaluate the sound record with regards to the course of the investigation into the killing of three Kurdish women politicians?
    First and foremost I want to remark that with the tape the investigation into Paris murders has take yet another turn. The Kurdish movement and people have expressed that the Turkish state is responsible for the murders which have been executed as a consequence of its relations with the powers providing Turkey with support in the international area. Besides, all relevant authorities, the French court being in the first place, have so far stated that the investigation cannot be deepened because of Turkey's refusal to provide help to shed light on the murders. Considering the fact that the tape eliminates all these excuses, the French government and the French judiciary in particular should launch another investigation into the triggerman and reveal all the information about the people he is in connection with, either MIT or other powers involved in the killings. French authorities should provide the public opinion with sufficient, convincing and credible information.
    The Turkish government is yet to open a comprehensive investigation into the Paris murders. A prosecutor in Ankara had done this before but there has been no development in it so far. Following the exposure of the confessions in the tape, the MIT, thus the AKP government is directly being under suspicion in connection with the murders.
    The MIT and the AKP government, if they are not involved in the murders, should share all information about Güney, including his relations with Ankara, with the French court and the public opinion. This is the only way for the AKP and the intelligence services affiliated to it to prove their innocence in the killings which took place while the government held talks with Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan since late 2012 and launched a so-called resolution process intended for a democratic solution to the Kurdish question. The public opinion and our people will otherwise held the Turkish state, the AKP government and its intelligence service, and deep dark forces responsible for the killing of three Kurdish women.
    - Your name is also being mentioned in the assassination plan being talked about in the tape. You had earlier stated that a similar plan had been put into practice in 2011. Considering that Ömer Güney showed up in Paris in 2011, could there be a parallelism between these two events?
    As we had earlier expressed and informed the public opinion, the AKP government launched a comprehensive war against our movement after the elections in 2011. In the mentioned period, we heard of assassination plans against our movement's renowned and high level executives in Europe. These plans have once again been confirmed and confessed in the sound record of Ömer Güney.
    In this context, major responsibilities fall to our people and the democratic public opinion to ensure that light be shed on Paris murders and other massacres and that they are not repeated. The exposure of the truth on Paris murders is at the same directly related with the resolution process. As has been said by leader Apo as well, shedding light on Paris murders could enable the initiation of a dialogue process and the provision of basis for concrete steps towards a permanent solution to the Kurdish question. This is the reason why both the French state and the AKP government and judiciary are responsible for exposing the truth on the murders. Our movement and people have expectations from both sides in order for the fulfillment of necessary works, while the public opinion, the Kurdish people and their friends, as well as civil society organizations do also have a part to play for the advancement of the investigation process.

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