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    The Voice Recording Points to Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT)

    The conflict in the ruling block in Turkey gets deepened. Each day, there is a new operation, dismissals and repositioning of police officers, released audio recordings, video tapes.

    After the statements of the leader of Kurdish Liberation Movement in the weekend, a voice recording about the assassination of three Kurdish women in Paris has been released. The video was uploaded onto YouTube on Monday featuring what was reportedly the voice of Ömer Güney, the main suspect of the murders. The recording contained a conversation between Ömer Güney and two MIT agents over plans to murder Sakine Cansız in Paris. The conversation included details about how to organize the murder, the guns, how to leave the crime scene, etc..
    A warning at the beginning of the video and the transcription of the word "avram" as "ablam, Sakine Cansız" in the subtitle proves conditioning of the audience was aimed at the preparation of the video. However, some people who know Güney well enough reached by ANF has confirmed that the voice is featuring Güney. The information in the recording has also mostly been confirmed.
    "AKP Government is under suspect"
    Commenting on the voice recordings allegedly featuring Ömer Güney, co-president of Kongra Gel Remzi Kartal, told that a new phase was opened in the investigation into the murders.
    "MIT, and therefore the AKP government are now directly the suspects of the murders", and called French justice for a comprehensive investigation.
    Kartal, who is also being pointed as a target in the sound record, pointed out that the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) and the ruling AKP government bear direct responsibility in the murders.. He said the French justice should have opened a new investigation for Ömer Güney, who has been used as a triggerman.
    Commenting on the conflict between AKP and Gülen movement, Kartal said the conflict would get deepened in the coming period:  
    "The peace process has been initiated by our leadership over a year ago, and there is no solution of the murders after a year, and now Gülen movement points to MIT for the murders. This proves that the Movement aims to deepen the conflict with AKP over MIT. But the claims of the Movement might very well be true. But it might also be the contrary; it might be a provocation to constrain MIT and AKP. We know well enough how the Movement acts. But, we also know well enough the coalition between them in the past. It was this coalition that launched a comprehensive war against our movement after the elections in 2011".
    "The responsibility now falls on AKP government and MIT to clarify whether it was the forces related to the Movement who organized the murders in order to provocate the public and to nullify the peace process, or it was the continuity of the policies that effectuated in 2011 in coalition with the Movement, and therefore was commonly planned in that period. AKP government should share all the information and documents with the public and help the investigation if they want to prove their innocence. The public opinion and our people will otherwise held the Turkish state, the AKP government and its intelligence service, and deep dark forces responsible for the killing of three Kurdish women", said Kartal.
    "MIT Gave to Ömer Güney 6.000 euros"
    In addition to the recording, the newspaper SoL (Left) published a confidential internal MİT circular on Tuesday. The newspaper added underneath that the document was made reach to them via e-mail. The document, dated November 2012, mentions a "source" living in Paris who provided a tipoff about the activities of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the PKK and the Kurdistan People's Congress (Kongra-Gel).
    According to the circular, MİT gave the source 6,000 euros and asked him to make preparations for a sabotage and assassination, provide the "necessary equipment" for these operations. The circular said the source could be used "in an operation to neutralize Sakine Cansız."
    The document bears the signature of MIT (Turkish Intelligence Services) head of department Ugur Kaan Ayik, as well as of three other executives: O. Yüret, S. Asal, H. Özcan.

    MIT, denied that it was behind the assassination of three Kurdish women in a statement it released on Tuesday. In the statement it was asserted that the claims are meant to disparage the Turkish intelligence agency, which has been playing a crucial role in a settlement process with Kurds. However, the statement does not assert that the document was fake or modified. Selahattin Demirtaş, co-president of BDP, said the statement of MIT was far from being convincing.

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