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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    AKP Government is under suspect

    MIT, denied that it was behind the assassination of three Kurdish women in a statement it released on Tuesday. In the statement it was asserted that the claims are meant to disparage the Turkish intelligence agency, which has been playing a crucial role in a settlement process with Kurds. However, the statement does not assert that the document was fake or modified. Selahattin Demirtaş, co-president of BDP, said the statement of MIT was far from being convincing.

    Lawyers from BDP Justice and Human Rights Commission and the family lawyers of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, the three Kurdish women assassinated in Paris last year, presented a petition to Ankara Directory of Public Prosecutors, which carries the investigation of the assassinations, to overturn the confidentiality decision on the file, and to ask to MIT if the chief suspect Ömer Güney worked under their rule.

    Lawyers mentioned in their petition that the confidentiality decision on the file continues the injury of the aggrieved families and raises concerns in the public if the file is sidestepped.
    Hüseyin Ali, a celebrated Kurdish writer, said Paris assassination was organised together by AKP and the Gülen organisation:

    AKP and the organisation of Gülen have in collaboration pursued war policies against Kurdish people. It is on the basis of these policies that the military and large segments bureaucracy gave support to AKP government. It is through these policies that the government could take the votes of those who have a nationalist mentality. It is this common political will that is behind the dirty practices that turned overall Kurdistan into a torture and gas chamber; the brutal attacks on and killing of Kurdish people. It is AKP government, specifically its prime minister, Erdoğan, who ordered all political massacres. The violent war in 2011 and 2012 and the attacks in order to exterminate -just like the Sri Lankan case- the Kurdish Liberation Movement  were put into operation by AKP hands in hands with the organisation of Gülen.
    Definitely, it is the government that has to bring clarification to Paris assassination. Without the solution of these kinds of murders and without condemning the mentality and the policies behind these murders, the solution of the Kurdish problem is not possible".

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