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    Democratic autonomy has declared in Cizîre canton in Rojava

    The democratic autonomy has declared in the Cizîre Canton of West (Rojava) Kurdistan today after the completion of work for a Transitional Executive Assembly.

    The democratic autonomy has  declared in the Cizîre Canton of West  Kurdistan today after the completion of work for a Transitional Executive Assembly.

    Declaration of autonomy coincided with the first anniversary of the founding of Kurdish Republic of Mahabad.

    Mahabat Kurds in Iran on January 22, 1946 was declared to establishment under presidency of Qazi Muhammad.

    Kurdish Republic of Mahabad, despite the recognition by the United Nations on December 17 was able to survive 11 months and then occupied by the Iranian army .

    Cizire Canton declaration has came 2 weeks after the decision to split West Kurdistan into three cantons, and will coincide with the Geneva II conference scheduled to take place on 22 January.

    After the declaration of a Cizîre Transitional Executive Assembly, which will deal with economic, political, social and cultural matters, preparations will be made for elections 4 months later.

    Work towards democratic autonomous government began in December 2013 following a proposal by the PYD, and is continuing in the other areas for a Transitional Executive Assembly and democratic autonomy.

    At a meeting on 6-7 January at the West Kurdistan Autonomous Administration Legislative Assembly the region (Rojava) was divided into 3 cantons, Cizîre, Kobani and Afrin.

    In accordance with decisions taken at that meeting each canton is establishing its own autonomous administrative assemblies. While accepting the "Social Agreement" with the character of a constitution the meeting decided the three cantons would each have their own autonomous administration.

    This model is based on four principles: canton system, Legislative Assembly, administration, justice and high election council.

    According to the decision of the Legislative Assembly the cantons will organise elections within 4 months in order to establish democratic autonomous administrative assemblies.

    The Cizîre canton will have an assembly with 101 deputies. The other cantons will establish the number of seats according to their needs.

    All communities in the region, Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Chechen and Armenian will be represented in the Legislative Assembly. This assembly, part of a decentralised system, is seen as a model for a future democratic Syria.

    Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac have been designated as official languages of the Cizîre Canton.

    Ekrem Heso, who has been elected the President of the Cizîre canton, will be accompanied by Syriac Elizabet Gewriyê and Arab Husen Ezem as vice presidents.

    Many different cities and region of West Kurdistan celebrated declaration of autonomy in Cizire canton.

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