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    Geneva 2: No Kurds No Solution

    The international conference aiming to put an end to the civil war in Syria, pre-eminently occupies the international agenda. Geneva 2 peace conference was started in highly paralised tensions between sides

    Kurdish delegation declared that wtihout independent Kurdish delegation they will not join to conference and they did not.

    Howewer conference started, Syrian regime delegation could not came together with so called opposition-s- delegations till yesterday.

    Yesterday regime and so-called opposition delegations came together face to face meeting after very long discussions under moderating of UN and Arab Leage special representative Lakdar Brahimi.

    After face to face meeting of delegations Brahimi has given a press conference and answered questions of press reporters.

    And all peope have seen that actually absence of real oppositions and forces inSyria and Rojava there is only deadh borning of peace conference.

    Yesterday  humanitarian issues were top of the agenda in the first tentative meetings between Syrian regime and opposition forces in Geneva, the UN.

    Lakhdar Brahimi said getting an aid convoy into the war-shattered city of Homs was discussed, with prisoner releases on the agenda for Sunday.

     "We haven't achieved much but we are continuing," he told honestly to the press members in Geneva.

    "The situation is extremely complex - very difficult - and we are moving in half-steps," he said, adding that by trying to make progress on humanitarian issues, he was aiming to "create an atmosphere" that would eventually enable advances on the 2012 Geneva I communique, which set out a blueprint for peace talks.

    Actually delegates in Geneva are aiming at small concessions, not a real peace deal or real solutions of war in Syria.

    At the first day of conference PYD co chair Saleh Muslim pointed out that without real oppositions and forces there will be no solutions when he held a press conference in Geneva.

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