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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Kurdish Left Party announced withdrawall from ENKS

    Crisis in ENKS, Syrian Kurds National Assembly, is deepening. Kurdish Left Party announced its withdrawal from Syrians Kurds National Assembly ENKS, announcing that ENKS is not acting in accordance to the interests of Kurdish people.

    Kurdish Left Party pointed ENKS's participation to the Syrian opposition who is fighting with the Kurds as a reason of its withdrawal. Kurdish Left Party , underlying the importance of the establishment of ENKS at 26th of October 2011 also stated that "Nevertheless, shortly after the establishment of ENKS some of the political parties within ENKS begin acting in cooperation and start doing negative things. They also wanted to take control of ENKS.

    According to the diplomatic sources Kurdish Left Parties statement of "some parties" implies Hewler supported Kurdish Democratic Party (knowns usually as El Party), Azadi Party and Yekiti. These political parties established a network called "political union" and also ranked among Syrian opposition. During an interview with El Cezire on 26th of January, Kurdish Democratic Party leader Abdulhakim Al Başar claimed that establishment of the democratic autonomy in Kurdistan is a declaration of war and expressed his opposition to this administration clearly. In June 2013 it was claimed that El Party, lead by Albulhakim Al Başar, officers met with El Kaide's Syria branch El Nusra. It was claimed that, during these meetings it was decided to support of El Party in the region by El-Nusra's sources. It was also claimed that in return Kurdish Democratic Party will support back El-Nusra in the region over souther Kurdistan.

    According to the documents published by wikileaks in November 2009, Abdulhakim Al Basar was in secretly meeting with both Syrian and and USA intelligence services. During an interview with Hurriyet on 3th of August 2012, Abdulhakim Al Basar said "Following the fall of Esad, when we have the control and we will not let PKK stay in Syria. Our borders are not mountainous so will be able to control them easily.

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