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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Demirtas: Democracy is only way out

    Speaking at the Peace and Democracy Party BDP parliamentary group meeting,on Tuesday 4'th Feb the Co-chair Selahattin Demirtas criticised the court denial suspected police officers in the trial of Ismail Kokmaz. Demirtas Criticised the court's denial of the detention of the suspected police officers in the trial for killing of Ali İsmail Korkmaz during the Gezi protests and said

    "Today, they call it 'parallel structure' while they themselves are parallel. The Community (Gülen Movement) have not acted alone, but together with you".

    He added that all the families must get unified in order to bring the responsible to account.
    Commenting on the recent policies of AKP, Demirtaş said:

    "AKP tries to hinder only that which harms itself. Rather, it is building its own state. If you are not capable of drawing lessons from the history, try at least the contemporary examples. Look at Saddam, look at al-Asad.  They built stronger police states than you did. Do you think that they had less influence than you on the judiciary? These are not saving the leaders".
    Demirtaş stated that Turkey was not without an alternative and the people of Turkey would give a lesson to AKP on 30 March 2014 in the local elections.

    He added that the only way that has not yet been tried in Turkey was democracy, which is in fact currently exemplified in Rojava. He ironically said:

    "On 30th of March the whole society will teach a lesson to AKP. We will deliver its ticket on 30 March, and pay farewell to AKP in the first general elections".  
    Demirtaş called on the government to rule out the existing Terror Law and to not keep its articles in the penal code and to withdraw the regulation that brings censor on internet.
    Commenting on the economic developments, Demirtaş called for reduction of working hours and added: "In order to increase the employment, the working hours must be reduced without reducing the wages. Otherwise it will be the labourers who will pay the price.The interest lobby, at which prime minister expressed outrage until recently, seems to take possession of the country. People in Gezi didn't surrender to "interest lobby" but the prime minister did".
    Lastly Remind the massacre of Chechen people in Russia-Chechen war and siad the folowing,

     We are in solidarity with the Chechen people in their struggle for their language".

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