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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Statement from KCK Co-presidency

    Attempts aiming at creating a negative perception towards the Kurdish Freedom Movement have been continuing in the recent days. It seems that a center has pressed the button to discredit the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish People’s Leader.

    The main aim of the international conspiracy against Leader
    APO [15 February 1999] was to discredit and make him ineffective.
    But, Leader APO, The Freedom Movement, and the Kurdish people
    prevented the conspirators from reaching their aims by struggling
    against the international conspiracy. At the present time, Leader APO
    is the most influential and credited Kurdish Leader throughout
    Kurdistan. He has also become one of the most influential leaders in
    Turkey due to his effort for the democratization of Turkey and finding
    a settlement for the Kurdish question. He is even hoped for finding a
    solution for Turkey’s most basic questions. At the same time he is
    being approved as one of the most influential political leaders in the
    world. This situation means that the international conspiracy has
    failed in reaching its goals.
         The recent disinformation campaign against Leader APO is aiming
    at breaking his influence and discrediting him. Therefore, those
    engaging with such attempts are directly serving the international
    conspiracy and  are the affiliates of the conspirators. Doğu Perinçek
    and his band,  acting as the agents of the Turkey’s psychological
    warfare just after the emergence of the PKK struggle, have continued
    their enmity towards the Kurdish people from the mid-1990s acting
    directly as a state power. They have assumed the most active role in
    waging a dirty psychological war waged against the Kurdish people.
    They have turned into the dirtiest circle of psychological warfare.
    They acted as the state’s institution for psychological war against
    the freedom struggle of Deniz Gezmiş, İbrahim Kaypakkay, Marhir Çayan
    and their friends. All the socialist and democratic circles of the
    late history have witnessed this fact.
    The Turkish branch and section of the sworn enemies of the PKK
    and APO, that is, the Perinçek band, have montaged and broadcasted
    some parts of the dialogues between Leader APO and Turkish officers in
    Imrali. These montages and tweezings have been made in such a way so
    as to serve their psychological war on the Kurds.
    The tweezed parts being broadcasted are in fact those parts in
    which Leader APO calls on the Turkish state [to work out a solution].
    These arguments are the same arguments he has put forward in his
    defenses and his dialogues with his lawyers. He has reiterated the
    same arguments in various forms during the court hearings. The main
    theme and content of these arguments are ‘Let’s settle the problems
    among ourselves, as Kurds and Turks’. The Kurdish People’s Leader and
    the Kurdish Freedom Movement have for many times expressed this
    viewpoint, both before the international conspiracy and after it. The
    1993 and 1998 cease-fires have been documented as the most conspicuous
    instances of this approach. The tweezing and montaging of the
    viewpoints expressed in Imrali conditions are purposeful attempts
    serving the ominous aims of such circles. By attacking Leader APO they
    are in fact attacking the Kurdish freedom struggle and its moral
          Leader APO has always mentioned that Kurdish-Turkish conflict
    and any conflict between the Kurds and other nation in the region
    serves just one aim: the continuation of the hegemonic and colonialist
    system in the Middle East. Therefore, any force which leaves the
    Kurdish question unsettled and has no intention of settling it serves
    those who have imperialistic aims. In order to disentangle the
    ‘Gordian knot of the Kurdish question’ and free the peoples of the
    Middle East form this intrigue, Leader APO has called on regional
    states and particularly the Turkish state: ‘let’s spoil this game’. He
    has repeated this call over and over before falling captive [to the
    international conspiracy] and being incarcerated in the prison island
    of Imrali. The leading staff and cadres of our movement have for years
    repeated this call in almost every speech and writing.  We have called
    on the Turkish authorities a thousand times: ‘let’s put an end to this
    situation which is damaging for both the Turks and the Kurds’. Even
    nowadays, both from [the] Imrali [prison] and outside it, we are
    making similar calls to the AKP administration and the Turkish state.
    But it is the Turkish state and the governments of the Turkish
    republic, including the AKP administration, which have turned a deaf
    ear to these calls and have interpreted them as a sign of the weakness
    of our movement.
    Not only in those video footages, but also from the [prison
    Island of Imrali] Leader APO has for years made similar calls on the
    Turkish state and authorities.  It is the Kurdish People’s Leader who
    has come up with the notion that ‘Anatolia and Kurdistan share a
    political history of dialectical unity; let’s resolve the problems,
    conforming with that historical togetherness’. He has conspicuously
    expressed these views in his book, ‘Defending the Kurds, Under the
    Pincers of Cultural Genocide’. Leader APO and the Kurdish Freedom
    Movement have made the same calls on democratic circles and the
    peoples in Turkey. The notions Leader APO put forward in Newroz 2013
    and the call he made are efforts to settle the Kurdish questions on
    the basis of democratization and within the framework of fraternity
    and unity of the peoples.
    The struggle line of Leader APO and the Kurdish Freedom Movement
    is certain and clear. Their call for the peoples, for the Turkish
    state and the regional governments is clear.   The notion that
    ‘international forces want to get the upper hand in the region by
    getting us fighting each other; let’s resolve the problems  among
    ourselves and spoil these games’ and the call made on such a basis are
    still valid now as they were then.
    Those who want to imply that the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the
    collaborator of one force or another are themselves the affiliates and
    servants of the international forces who maintain the grounds of
    conflict between the peoples. Resorting to anti-imperialism slogans
    and their so-called opposition to foreign forces are just pretexts to
    conceal their such roles. The persons and circles who intend to
    discredit Leader APO and our Movement are those who have served the
    NATO and imperialist forces for tens of years.
    We call on our peoples and democratic circles to be aware of
    such provocations, take stand against them and remove the obstacles in
    the way of democratization and the settlement of the Kurdish question.
    Those who make these provocations are the ominous owls who are
    trying to blur and  destroy the relationships between our peoples. At
    a time when our people have a strong desire and resolve to democratize
    Turkey and settle the Kurdish question, such provocations and
    obstacles are in fact hostile attacks at the fraternity and the
    democracy and freedom struggle of our peoples. Let’s spoil the games
    of the international forces in Turkey and the Middle East by taking
    stance against these dirty offences and ensuring resolution and
    democratization on the basis fraternity between our peoples; let’s
    free our peoples from the turmoil of deadlock and conflicts.

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