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    Goran Movement deputies visit to Qandil

    It has been reported that the Goran movement went to meet witk KCK Executives in Kandil Accordong to the news eleven deputies of the Goran Movement in the Federal Kurdistan Regional Parliament have visited Qandîl.

    The delegation was met by KCK Executive co-chair Cemil Bayık and Executive member Ronahî Serhat.

    This visit comes after the Goran Movement's success in the elections of 21 September 2013, in which the Goran Movement was the second party.

    A government has yet to be formed in South Kurdistan despite more than 4 months having passed since the elections.

    KCK Executive co-chair Cemil Bayık asked about the health of Goran Movement leader Nushiwan Mustafa and wished him a speedy recovery.

    Abdullah Öcalan's greetings to the Goran Movement were also mentioned at the meeting, at which relations between the parties in South Kurdistan were discussed.

    It is reported that Cemil Bayık said the following in this regard:

    "We in North Kurdistan developed our struggle against denial and annihilation. Undoubtedly, the existence of certain parties and movements in South Kurdistan cannot be denied. There is no question of our being opposed to any party in South Kurdistan. Criticism is normal and should not be misunderstood. Our criticisms should not be interpreted as opposition. Without criticism there is no dynamism. We are opposed to a one-party system, as this is the product of the nation state and fascism. Our basis is a democratic nation. We are prepared to meet everyone as we have confidence in ourselves."

    Bayık emphasised their self-reliance, saying: "We don't want assistance from anyone, it is enough for there to be no antagonism."

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