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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    We ourselves govern our city!

    People's Democratic Party (HDP) is running an effective and wide-range election campaign in İstanbul, where it is expected to make a breakthrough in the local elections.

    HDP co-mayor candidates for İstanbul, Sırrı Süreyya Önder and Pınar Aydınlar visited the head of DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Unions), Kani Beko as part of their campaign.

    Head of the trade union, Beko made an opening speech and said: "We are indebted to be in support of all those who are struggling for democracy, human rights, peace and syndicate rights and freedoms".

    Next, Pınar Aydınlar said: "we will continue our struggle by respecting and being in solidarity with our friends who struggle for a world without classes and exploitation and who are made to pay a price for their struggle".

     Speaking at a launching of an election bureau in a local district in İstanbul, Önder reminded the trees cut recently for building the third bridge over Bosporus and said: "They will charge the use of bridge in dollars. Their name is not AKP, but lunatic Dumrul (a cruel personality in Turkish folk stories)".

    Onder stated that they have to visit each house in İstanbul during the election campaign and said:

    "We will create a city where there are no slavery mechanisms, where everyone is hopeful about his/her future and feel safe having no concerns to protect his/her children from the city life; a city where disabled citizens are not facing obstacles. We will turn their cement mass into a rose garden. We will give way to self-management of people. We will make them pay for exploiting the labour of people and making 10 contracting companies rich and then racketeering the money of the people which they first put into the pocket of contractors. We will use each penny for the city rights".

    Pınar Aydınlar spoke at another launching of a local election bureau in Sancaktepe and argued that they would have a successful result in the elections, and said: "We will be singing and dancing on 30th of March and will be chanting 'our city is ours'".

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