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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Men killed 23 women in January 2014

    According to data based on reports in local and national newspapers and news agencies, a compilation made by bianet revealed that male perpetrators left 23 women killed, 6 raped, 45 injured and 5 harassed in January 2014.

    While 26 percent of women were slain for seeking divorce, 17 percent were killed in the name of honor. 3 women were killed despite protection orders.

    On the other hand, 15.5 percent of women were either battered or assaulted for seeking divorce.

    It was also striking that retaliation to male violence cases surged in January 2014 with 4 women killing their husbands who systematically battered them. Various courts had issued restraint orders against three of those slain husbands.

    In 2013, male perpetrated violence left 214 women and 10 children dead, 167 women and teenager girls raped or failed to rape, and 161 women or teenager girls harassed.  

    In January, men killed 23 women and 3 men in 17 cities across Turkey. Also, only 6 rape cases were covered by the media.

    On the other hand, in January, men battered 45 women in 16 cities across Turkey.

    According to Regional distribution;

    In January 2014, 79 cases of violence against women, murder, attempted murder, harassment, rape, injury and child abuse were reported across 31 provinces across Turkey.

    Marmara region marked as the most violent region. Kocaeli topped as the most violent city.

    79 incidents were distributed according to regions as follows: Marmara (30), Aegean (5), Mediterranean (15), Black Sea (9), Eastern-Anatolia (8), Central Anatolia (5) and South-Eastern Anatolia (16).


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