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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Demirtas criticized recent regulations on internet

    Selahattin Demirtaş, criticized recent legal regulations on internet and reminded the opposition of BDP throughout all the legislation process.

    Demirtaş also call the president of Turkey Abdullah Gül to veto the legislation indication the legislation as a step of controlling media  and attempt to silence the opposition in Turkey.

    Demirtas, regarding to the peace process and said " Even not a single legislation was made throughout the first year of the resolution process we pursued."

    The peace process is on the edge of an end. There are promises given. Referring to Erdoğan " You said we will bring peace, and you said we are bound with the declaration of March 21th.

    Well then, It has been almost one year, PKK guerrillas withdrawn and waiting out of the Turkish border. Will they wait there forever? Where is the legislation about the withdrawn? AKP is not concerned with the security of the peace process and the citizens.

    They do everything for their security. Every citizen, who died in this war is valuable for us. Will this continue like that? We are doing our best to not to end the peace process.

    We are not supporting this process for the sake of prime minister. We are supporting the process for the freedom of the peoples and stop the death of young people."

    Demirtas, regardin the deadly ill prisoners said " Almost everyday we are receiving utterly worrisome and sad applications-demands on deadly ill prisoners. We regard indifference of the government on the issue as de facto application of death penalty.

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