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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Aldar Xelil: A federal system is inevitable for Syria

    Aldar Xelîl, a member of the Executive Council of the Western Kurdistan Democratic Social Movement (TEV-DEM), gave important messages in his interview.

    Xelîl remarked that need for real opposition groups participating in the talks.

    He said that; "if during the second round of talks Syria's principal democratic forces participate then it could change the agenda of the conference. If they do not accept the democratic forces and Syria's real opposition at the conference then there will be no real results."

    Xelîl said that "the goal of the second round of talks at Geneva is to form a temporary government. However the existing parties do not have the forces to form such a government.  If this temporary government is formed without consulting the Kurds then we will not recognize it."

    Xelîl expressed the desire of he and his colleagues that the fighting stop and that further tragedy be avoided.

    Xelil said also the meetings which is taking place in Geneva are working to bringing the fighting back under control.

    Xelîl pointed to the fact that with the exception of opening up a humanitarian aid corridor to Homs the first round of talks achieved nothing.

    He told that; "Geneva 2 did not produce any serious results. We consider this meeting to be a fiasco. Not one word was spoken by the Kurds at the meeting. The Kurds who participated in the meeting within the Syrian opposition were completely ineffective."

    Xelîl also critised western-supported Syrian National Coalition group and Turkish policy in Syria.

    He said; "Turkish prime minister Erdoğan would become the sultan of the Middle East. The parties wrapping themselves in Islam have not been successful in Syria. They have lost the initiative. This has also led to contradictions between the USA and Turkey on the topic of Syria. Turkey does not have the same influence in the region that it once had."

    Xelîl also responsed to the question "what kind of Syria" will emerge after the war.

    He responded clearly and sharply: "We want the fighting to stop immediately and all prisoners to be released. A temporary government and a constitutional assembly could be formed. It would be important that there is a recognition of the constitutional rights of the Kurds. A federal system for of all peoples and religious groups is now inevitable."

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