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    Millions demand Freedom for Ocalan

    To mark the 15'th anniversary of abduction of Kurdish leader Ocalan, massive marches, press statments, meeting and demonrastions where orgenised across the Northern Kurdistan, Turkey and Europe.. While every year 15 feb kurds come togher in strasbourg to protest the day.

    Kurds everywhere condemned the international conspiracy that had Abdullah Öcalan brought to Turkey 15 years ago.

    Millions of people in North, South, West and East Kurdistan and in the cities of Europe and Turkey poured onto the streets to condemn the conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan and demand his freedom yesterday.

    The Kurds marked the 15th anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan's capture with a magnificent display of solidarity, launching the start of a freedom march.

    In Amed, the heart of Kurdistan, hundreds of thousands flocked to the 'Freedom for Öcalan' march. In Wan, Şirnex, Colemêrg, Mêrdîn, Mersin and Istanbul and other cities shops stayed closed and people were on the streets.

    People also held torch-lit rallies and protests in Izmir, Manisa, Antalya, Konya, Muğla, Adana, Mersin and Istanbul.

    The police attacked protestors in Amed, Wan, Şirnex, Gever, Êlih, Cizîr, Silopiya, Kızıltepe, Tatvan and Adana without warning, firing plastic bullets and gas cartridges.

    In Wan police used water cannon and gas against tens of thousands of people marching from the 'people's podium' set up in Cumhuriyet road to the vegetable market.  

    After police attacks on marchers in Amed, clashes broke out that spread through Bağlar district and continued into the night. In other towns the people defended themselves from police attacks.

    In Cizîr JINHA reporter Mizgin Tabu received a head wound.

    In Êlih BDP provincial co-chair Serdar Atalay was wounded, while in Tetwan one person was seriously injured as the result of a police attack.

    One of these big rally took place in strasbourge yesterday where thousands of Kurds and their frriends despite the bad weather come together to protest the day and demand freedom for Ocalan once again.

    Forty thousand people reached Strasbourg from many different European countries in the early hours in the morning.

    At the meantime a petition asking to free Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has been already signed by 127 intellectuals, artists, journalists, around Turkey.

    The petition, promoted by the Freedom for Ocalan Platform will end in September when the organizers think they will have collected thousands of signatures.

    Spokeperson for the platform Zübeyde Teker added that "we are at a turning point, and this is despite the attitude of the state which tries to block the full implementation of demcoracy and freedom in this country".  


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