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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Demirtas: BDP against new national intelligence law

    BDP Co-Chaire Selahattin Demirtaş answered journalists' questions on MIT draft bill at an opening ceremony in Amed. Demirtas said the draft bill on MIT does not constitute a legal basis for the process of democratic resolution.

    The BDP Co-chaire Selahattin Demirtas emphasised that the draft bill on the MIT National Intelligence Organisation did not constitute a legal basis for the process of democratic resolution, as claimed, but was designed to protect MIT officials involved in the talks process, adding:

    "This is not what we mean when we talk about a legal basis or foundation for the talks or negotiations. It is not correct to portray it like this. A legal basis for the process cannot be prepared in this way. Secondly, other articles of this draft bill are a serious threat to democratic principles, and will increase violations both of the security of the individual and of personal freedom.

    We do not agree with the portrayal of this draft bill as a contribution to the democratisation of Turkey, or as an attempt to strengthen MIT.

    It is definitely a bill to increase the powers of the Prime Minister and to consolidate his government. As the BDP we are absolutely opposed to this bill".

    Demirtaş said the following regarding attacks on the BDP's democratic autonomy project: "Democratic autonomy, that is, the strengthening of local government, popular participation, the people being able to obtain services, education and culture in their own language, will not harm anyone in Turkey.

     If you look at the circles that are attacking the BDP, they do not have a single democratisation project. Their heads are fuddled with fascism and racism and they have lost the ability to think. They are trying to retain their base support. We are sorry, but we will construct democracy in Turkey in the framework of democratic autonomy. This is our right. It is not in violation of the constitution, of laws or of international conventions."

    Demirtaş added that the Kurds would not abandon their demands due to verbal assaults, saying: "Those who banned our language and culture and are making a great fuss about the Kurds being educated in their own language, this country was not left to them as an inheritance. It belongs to all of us. Kurdish is our mother tongue. Kurdistan and these lands are our motherland."

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