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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    The telephone conversations of Omer Guney point to MIT

    Anti-Terror investigating magistrate Jeanne Duye, who is in charge of the investigation, and assistant magistrates Christophe Teisser and Laurence Levert sent an 'international rogitary letter' to the Turkish authorities. They requested informations regarding the telephone conversations of Ömer Güney had with persons in Turkey but they couldn't...

    It has emerged that one of the numbers registered in the phone belonging to Paris massacre suspect Ömer Güney is that of the MIT (Turkish Intelligence) Erzurum Regional Office.

    In the document, published by Fırat News Agency, the French magistrates asked the Turkish authorities to identify numbers called by Güney between 29th of November 2012 and 25th of December 2012, when he last went to Turkey.

    The Karşı newspaper used the service for identifying unknown numbers, to enquire the owner of numbers beginning 0442 cited in the document.

    The answer received was "National Intelligence Organisation attached to the Department of Security."

    The document published by Fırat News Agency on 2nd of February 2013 under the heading "Whose numbers are these Ömer Güney was in contact with?" consists of 2 parts.

    Also in the document is a reference to certain numbers that "may have been within the borders of France between 30th of August 2012 and 20th of January 2013". The Turkish authorities are asked whether the Turkish secret service know these numbers.

    In the second part of the document there are questions regarding Ömer Güney's relationship with certain of his relatives.

    Following the publication of the document by ANF, the BDP Deputy President Beştaş applied to the Public Prosecutor's office in Ankara to request information regarding these telephone calls.

    But BDP could not get any answer untill now.

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