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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Demirtas commented on tapes scandal of Turkish prime minister Erdogan

    Peace and Democracy Party Co-Chaire Selahattin Demirtaş called for Erdoğan to take necessary steps to bring clarification to the leaked tapes, allegedly featuring a phone call between the prime minister and his son, and to open the way for democratic and transparent trial

    Demirtaş said Erdoğan's denial of the tapes as "fabricated" would not save him and added: "7 thousand people were phone-tapped in the last 3 years and the prime minister had no information of this?!

    It was him who ordered the detention of 10 thousand fellows mostly through illegal phone tapping.

    And now he calls the tapes fabricated when he and his relatives are incriminated by it. Erdoğan's demeanour is not of a prime minister's but of a thief's.

    Speaking in the weekly meeting of his party's parliamentary group, Demirtaş commented on the alleged phone tape, and said "The phone tappings were carried out under the approval of the prime minister.

    They were first montaged and then presented to Erdoğan. He was examining the tapes and then ordering massive operations against opposition.

    Phone tapping was carried out as a state function through the technology and the cadres it controls.

    It was under the initiative of the police, MIT, governors and the prime minister that the tappings were carried out.

    The prime minister was getting pleasure from it. He was used to eliminate the opposition through this illegal method".

    "If you consider 17 December operation as a coup, or a plot to your government, then open the way for a fair and transparent trial, rather than blocking it.

    If you have self- confidence in this and claim that you are not corrupted, then stop intervening into the judiciary, laws, etc.., but give way to a transparent trial.

    So that you can declare that you are ready for peace and a solution. Only this can save you and the country", said Demirtaş.

    Demirtaş said it was the only way for the well being of the country and called out to the prime minister: "Don't drag the country into a chaos. Don't drag the country into a commotion while you are reaching the end of your political career.

    Don't invite people to the streets by your talks, aggressive demeanour.

    Maybe you cannot save yourself.

    Transparency, democratization requires public control.

    Stop complaining that the recordings are fabricated, assure democratic control over you and be ready to engage in self-criticism.

    This is your obligation towards the 50 percent that voted for you.

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