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    2013 Report of The Human Rights Association

    The Human Rights Association (IHD) has announced its report on rights violations in 2013. During the year 44 people were extra-judicially killed and 33 people died in prison. The IHD held a press conference to highlight its 2013 Human Rights Report.

    IHD President Öztürk Türkdoğan announced the report at the meeting attended by IHD executive council member Sevim Salihoğlu and IHD Siirt branch chair Vetha Aydın.

    Türkdoğan drew attention to the process of dialogue between Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and state officials and the ceasefire declared by the HPG, and also mentioned the Gezi resistance as one of the significant incidents of the year.

    Türkdoğan listed rights violations that occurred during the Gezi resistance:

    "9 people died as the result of the government's authoritarian response to the Gezi resistance, 9,564 people were injured in 774 demonstrations and 6,977 people were arrested, of whom 187 were remanded in custody. As far as we have been able to establish 3,276 people have been tried in 78 cases."  

    Türkdoğan said 44 people had died and 82 people had been wounded in extra-judicial incidents:

    "In 2013 nineteen people, 2 of them children, were shot dead for not complying with orders to halt, 19 were wounded. 2 people were shot dead and 5 were wounded by village guards. Twenty two people, 3 of them children were killed and 58 were wounded by soldiers in border areas and one person was killed by private security guards."

    "We wish to state that the most important reason extra-judicial killings in Turkey cannot be prevented is the culture of impunity. The decision by the Military prosecutor to take no further action in the Roboski massacre demonstrated that impunity is a state policy and that rights violations are systematic as regards the Kurds."

    Türkdoğan gave further figures and nummbers:

    -Attacks by unknown persons: 18 dead 4 wounded
    -Armed clashes: 29 dead, 7 wounded
    -Suspicious deaths: 30

    33 died in prison, 7 of these died of illness, 1 died after setting himself alight in protest at prison conditions, while 25 committed suicide. The prisons continue to be one of the most significant source of rights violations on account of the penal system in Turkey being inhuman. According to figures compiled by the IHD Prisons Commission in November 2013, the condition of 162 out of 554 sick prisoners is grave."

    Türkdoğan said the total number of prisoners in Turkey was 144,178 at the end of 2013. 1,987 of these were children, of which 1,558 were on remand while the remaining 429 had been convicted. Türkdoğan said 28,898 of the total prison population was on remand.

    There were a total of 3,060 instances of rights violations in Turkish prisons.

    Türkdoğan drew attention to increasing violence towards women and children:

    "according to our data, while 177 women were killed at home or in public space in 2012, this figure rose to 269 in 2013. In 2012 there were 48 cases of women committing suicide, while in 2013 the figure was 52. The socially conservative measures of the government have not prevented violence against women. 556 women had suffered rape or indecent assault.

    According to IHD data there were 12 hate murders committed, and 14 people wounded in such attacks.

    P.S. You can find completely report here in this link

    http://www.ihd.org.tr/images/2014/hd_hlal%20raporu_.pdf  (turkish)

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