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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Ocalan: Rojava is te future of Middle East

    Kurdish Peopl's leader Abdullah Öcalan was visited by his brother Mehmet monday on İmralı island. Mehmet Öcalan told Dicle News Agency about his visit.

    "We discuss the process and make evaluations, but this is actually illegal. It is not taking place within a legal framework. The infrastructure must be made ready so that the second phase may commence within a legal framework.

    Mehmet Öcalan said his elder brother Abdullah Öcalan had emphasised the importance of a legal framework in order for the process to move forward, adding that he had said:

    "The biggest gain is the fact there has been no loss of life for a year. The first stage of the process is over, but we have not progressed to the second stage. In order for this to happen the infrastructure must be prepared. We discuss the process and make evaluations, but this is actually illegal. It is not taking place within a legal framework. If the infrastructure is made ready the second phase can  start within a legal framework. But I have not had any contact with any official from the authorities for 3 weeks."

    Öcalan said also his brother had mentioned the attacks on the HDP, saying:

    "Perhaps they are causing problems for the HDP in the cities of Turkey. If this alliance had been formed 10 years ago such attacks would not have happened, there would have been great gains. There was only a weak alliance before.  If this alliance had existed before the Kurdish question would have been resolved democratically and Turkey, too, would have freedom. Turkey's problems will not be resolved until there is a resolution of the Kurdish question. Therefore everyone must contribute during the sensitive election period. If this happens great gains may be secured on behalf of democracy."

    Mehmet Öcalan added that the PKK leader had said the following regarding Rojava:

    "Rojava is the future of the Middle East. Everyone should take it as an example. Assyrians, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen are living and will continue to live together fraternally. It is a great example for the Middle East. It is a revolution, which is a victory for all the peoples of the Middle East. It must be supported. We have to consolidate this revolution."

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