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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    KCK declaration about Erdoğan's government attitude

    Kurdish Communities Union KCK Executive Council Co-Presidencies organised a meeting between 3th and 10th of March 2014 to assess the lastest developments in Turkey, Kurdish Region and the World.

    KCK's declaration highlights the last 40 years of the struggle of Kurdish Freedom Movement; and states that the Kurdish Movement will do what ever it can in order to find a democratic solution for the Kurdish question and other issues in order to democratise those countries particularly Turkey.
    The declaration states that ''Despite all our struggle and efforts, Turkish government hasn't taken any steps in regard of solution to Kurdish question.''
    KCK's declaration highlights Kurdish leader Ocalan's historical manifesto for the democratization of Middle East which was announced during the newroz celebration in Amed in 2013.
    It is also emphasised that conflictless situation, which was in practice from  the last months of the year 2012, was officialised; and a strong base was created for a democratic solution by making a call to the Kurdish guerrilla forces to withdraw themselves out of Turkish borders.

    The declaration was continued with the details of Kurdish leader Ocalan's manifesto:

    It is stated that '' Leader Ocalan's democratisation move has created a huge excitement not only amongst Kurds but also amongst the all peoples of Turkey.

    Hopes for a solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey and a long-lasting peace process have increased all over Turkey.''
    It is also stated that Kurdish Freedom Movement created an atmosphere of no conflict; by releasing the captured soldiers;

    Dispite withdraw our guerrilla forces out of Turkish borders but the AKP government has taken no steps for a solution.

    It is emphasised that continuation of conflictless situation has been found enough for the AKP government for its interest during the March 2014 elections.

    KCK stated that the Kurdish question can only be solved by radical democratic steps; but it is understood that a government such as AKP, which only cares to be on power, cannot solve this question.

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