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    Turkish Airlines shipped weapons to Nigeria?

    A new recording has been leaked by the Başçalan (Prime Thief) Youtube account. Turkish Airlines allegedly shipped weapons to unknown groups in Nigeria, which has been ravaged by violence between the army and Al-Qaida linked Boko Haram organisation, a new incriminating phone call revealed on Tuesday.

    Allegedly of a conversation between Mustafa Varank, the chief advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, and Turkish Airlines (THY) Executive Assistant Mehmet Karakaş on the issue of weapons deliveries to Nigeria using THY planes to transport the goods to the west African nation.

    In recording tapes Karakaş asking bluntly whether the weapons are "going to kill Muslims or Christians…," and references made to Turkish intelligence service MİT chief Hakan Bey.

    This latest leak has caused outrage across the worldwide and could very well open the door to serious consequences should these allegations be proved true.

    Turkish Airlines denied to carrying weapons to the Nigeria.

    In official statement Turkish Airlines said “As company policy, THY does not carry arms cargo to countries where there is a lack of authority and clashes".

    Boko Haram, Al-Qaida linked organisation operates many terrorist attacks in  petrolium and oil resources area of Nigeria.

    Here is leaked recording:

    MK: Mustafa, salamu alaykum.
    MV: Alaykum salam, brother.
    MK: Mustafa, I brought up an issue with you, if you remember? About the question of transport…
    MV: About that, we couldn't meet with Mr Hakan, that's why I didn't get back to you.

    MK: Come on, Mustafa.
    MV: This is very urgent.
    MK: We are transporting a lot of equipment, its going to Nigeria right now, OK? Is this going to kill Muslims or Christians…

    MV: I've got it, brother.
    MK: We are committing a sin, so you know.
    MV: Alright. I will let you know in one or two days.
    MK: God bless. And give them the contact number, too. Let them talk to him. OK?
    MV: Alright. See you.


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