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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Election fraud in Ceylanpinar-Urfa

    Speaking in front of the BDP building in Ceylanpınar, which is currently under police blockade, a number of BDP and HDP officials have pledged to take the case of election fraud in Ceylanpınar to the European Court of Human Rights as well as to the Turkish Constitutional

    BDP's statement follows three days of unrest in the district after the disputed elections on Sunday and widespread allegations of voting irregularities, threats and intimidation on the part of the ruling AKP.

    The BDP and its supporters have accused the AKP of having stolen the election in Ceylanpınar and a number of other districts after evidence emerged of AKP employing voter intimidation and destroying ballots cast for the BDP.

    Major unrest has gripped the town since the election; soldiers, police and civilians linked to armed groups in Syria and hosted by local AKP candidate Menderes Atilla clash with thousands of protesters. The government declared state of emergency throughout the entire district.

    HDP Urfa MP Ayhan stressed the role of both AKP and the Turkish State in election fraud, saying "this is a state policy carried out by the AKP. They want to close Ceylanpınar to our party and our people.

    Ceylanpınar is particularly a sensitive district as it sits directly on the Turkish-Syrian border across  Cizrê, the largest of three cantons of Rojava.

    The Turkish military and Turkish intelligence are reported to be using the district for a base of operations in support to armed groups in the civil war in Syria.

    On the other hand, The KCK Executive Council Presidency KCK, called attention to the fact that the problem in Ceylanpinar has no longer been a problem of election results, but a preperation of an attack against Rojava.

    "Ceylanpinar is tried to be turned into a base for the gangs of Al-Nusra and the similiar ones. An attack to Rojava is getting prepared in Ceylanpinar", said KCK.

    KCK also repeated its call to continue the resistance until the proper elections results are gained.
    There are also strong claims of fraud in Urfa Metropolitan ballots. BDP's Urfa Metropolitan co-mayor candidate Osman Baydemir said the 30th March elections were the darkest elections in the history of the Republic, and questioned the 5 hours electricty outage in the city at the election night.  

    Baydemir underlined that the government tries to turn Urfa into the backyard of the war in Syria.

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