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    Victory of women in local elections

    Turkey now has female mayors in 4 provinces -3 of them are metropoles- and 33 districts. While the youngest mayors also turned out to be women, they have been elected with the highest vote rates.

    Associaition for the Support and Training of Women Candidates (KADER) stated in a press release that women were not sufficiently represented in these elections, but recorded high vote rates where they were candidates.

    The associaition also underlined that it was BDP's and HDP's co-presidency model and their including parity rule in their statues that incresed the number of women elected in these election in comparison to previous elections. KADER said apart from BDP and HDP, the other parties largely ignored women.

    According to the data of Women's Coalition, only 3.3% of the mayor candidates who would be in ballot papers during the elections were women, while 96.7% of them were men. Including the co-mayor candidates of BDP and HDP this percentile increses to 6.8.

    According to the statement of KADER  37 women were elected as mayors, and  it was BDP's and HDP's encouragement of equality that had an effect ensuring the increase in the number of women mayors from 26 at the local elections of 2009.

    In fact, BDP's victory counts to victory of women and became higly possible on the work of women in the region. As the co-president of BDP says the real winners of the elections are women.

    In the overall in Turkey, 3 women were elected as mayors in metropolitian cities, Gültan Kışanak in Amed from BDP, Fatma Şahin in Antep from AKP and Özlem Çerçioğlu in Aydın from CHP.

    Only 1 woman was elected as a city mayor. Dilek Hatipoğlu from BDP has been elected as Hakkari Mayor.  2 woman, Februniye Akyol in Mardin from BDP and Hatice Çoban in Van from BDP were elected as co-mayors in metropolitan cities. 33 women were elected as mayors of districts.

    In the  local elections in 2009, 26 women were elected as mayors, 2 of them were in cities,  17 in districts and 7 in sub-districts.

    Elected women mayors according to parties are as follows

    23 mayors from the BDP plus 54 co-mayors,

    7 mayors from the CHP,

    6 mayors from the AKP,

    1 mayor from the DP.

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