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    KCK statement on local election results

    The KCK Executive Council Presidency has issued a written statement congratulating the BDP on its success in Sunday's local elections, "despite all the fraud, obstruction and state support offered to the AKP".

    KCK said "BDP's success demonstrates that the Kurdish people have made clear their desire for self-government and democratic autonomy."

    Evaluating on the election results, KCK underlined the increased number of municipalities won by BDP and described the party's winning 11 cities as a great success. It also drew attention to the great proliferation in votes in the Serhat region and the increase in support in Dersim.

    "Conditions now exist for the development of a genuine popular opposition in Turkey. The BDP and HDP line is that of a real revolutionary democratic opposition. It will not be possible to end the existing crisis in Turkey without an alliance of democratic forces including the BDP-HDP", said KCK.

    Kurdistan Workers' Party Executive Council member Duran Kalkan also assessed the results of the 30 March's local elections and said North Kurdistan has become an area to be governed by the BDP, and added: "Kurds have manifested their attitude, which politics they support and what they want."

    Also commenting on the results from the point of the AKP, Kalkan said;

    "The AKP's strategy succeeded but it cannot be said that the AKP won the elections. The fact that AKP succeeded at the ballot box doesn't mean that  the intervention against it has been defeated, that its opponents have been eliminated, and that its ruling has been strengthened."

    On the other hand, KCK also issued a statement about the fraud allegations calling Kurdish people to take possession of their votes in places such as Ceylanpınar, Ahlat, Kağızman, Birecik, Viranşehir and Ağrı, is a democratic struggle.

    The KCK statement called on the Kurdish people to maintain their struggle, adding: "The municipalities, where the AKP is trying to take by force will have absolutely no legitimacy in the eyes of our people."

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