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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    BDP and HDp deputies visited to Ceylanpinar

    The new Mayors elected from Peace and Democracy Party, together with the party's and HDP's MP's have travelled to Ceylanpinar on Wednesday to show their solidarity with the people, but faced police blockade.

    Following the widespread irregularities at the 30 March local elections in Ceylanpınar, and the rejection of the BDP's objection to election board, tension increased in the town, leading to violent clashes.

    The governour of Ceylanpınar declared an emergency situation last week and banned all gatherings and demonstrations in the town.

    The implementation of state of emergency laws proves important given the fact that AKP uses Ceylanpinar as a support base for groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda. People continue protesting the election fraud, AKP's plans to use Ceylanpinar to attack Rojava and the state of emergency laws.

    The elected mayors and deputies from BDP and HDP have travelled to Ceylanpinar to protest AKP government's actions in the town and to show their solidarity with the people. However, police was determined to make difficulties not to let them go in the town.

    Travelling to Ceylanpinar have been prevented since last week and the BDP representatives were stopped by the police at the gateway of the town.

    Police only allowed the elected mayors and the deputies to enter the town and those that lacked the papers proving that they were elected were not allowed to go in. 4 BDP members of the city council of Erzurum, Hinis were detained by the police.  

    The tension has continued in and outside of the town.  Inside the town, there were announcements over loudspeaker from the municipality building saying repeatedly that protests were forbidden in the city and calling on people to stay at their homes.

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