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    Time for HDP by Huseyin Ali

    A columnist of Kurdistan 24 evaluated the results of the local elections in Turkey, underlining BDP's sucess and the importance of HDP, a broad party project, in politics in Turkey.

    The march 30 election results are still under hot discussion. We have once again seen that the elections are far away from being held in a democratic and fair way in Turkey. The state and the government forces intervene the voting process and into the results. This has become all the more evident in Kurdistan.

    In some provinces, where BDP actually had the majority, the results have been modified in favor of AKP or other parties. In some other provinces, where again the BDP had evidently had the majority of the votes, the elections annuled and rescheduled to be held at the beginning of summer. It seems that the state and AKP as part of it had been well prepared for the elections in Kurdistan.  

    BDP is struggling in Kurdistan not against the parties, but rather against the state that pursues a dirty war both physically and psychologically. The evaluation of the concrete situation before and after the elections would not be accurate enough unless we take this fact into consideration.
    These practices in Kurdistan proves that AKP, and thereby naturally the Turkish state lack any concrete policy regarding the solution of the Kurdish problem. They don't respect the democratic political will of the Kurdish people.

    Despite all the dirty measures taken by the state to prevent the victory of BDP, yet the election results prove that the BDP was quite sucessfull in these elections.  Not admiting this fact or to evaluate the results otherwise would count to not understand the state reality and polcies in Kurdistan.

    We can say that there is no weakening in the will of people for democratic autonomy and to struggle for building it. However, BDP has to work more to organise people around the concrete political projects. If organised and led well, the Kurdish people are capable of building democratic autonomy as well as their free and democratic  life. They are capable of protecting it by all means and to make it survive.

    Another disputed issue about the elections was the votes of HDP. Undoubtedly, the expections about HDP were quite high. HDP has been the only party among the political parties in Turkey that has a political programm for the solution of all the problems of Turkey. Because, AKP and CHP have no solutions to the problems of Turkey that it faces both inside and outside. On the contrary, these two hold positions to worsen the problems of Turkey both in its internal as well foreign policy. This is why HDP is the only political project in Turkey that can bring solutions.  These elections  has rendered HDP more valuable political project. Those who think that HDP would disapear after the elections have not due evaluation of the conscrete situation in Turkey.

    Without building a political project, like HDP, it is not at all posibble to have a solution to the Kurdish problem or to develop democracy in Turkey.

    HDP has to intervene into the political deadlock in Turkey. It must lead for th eunification of the democratic forces in Turkey around a democratization project. Turkey can enjoy a democratic and free future through that struggle.

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