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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    It's high time to embrace and defend the Rojava revolution.

     With the implicit approval of the KDP administration, ditches
    are being dug on the South Kurdistan's (KRG) border with Rojava. The
    people of Rojava have been reacting against this for days. The border
    ditches and the resulting tension have caused anger and disturbance in
    the Kurdish public opinion.

        The ditch digging was quite an unexpected development for the
    Kurdish public opinion. Just like everybody else, we were astonished
    by this. Such a tension is a misfortune, especially at a time when the
    importance of national unity is increasing and there are so many
    discussions about the national congress. The Rojava revolution is a
    source of inspiration and motivation for all the Kurds. The uprising
    of one part of Kurdistan and the establishment of a free and
    democratic life there is a very valuable issue. So, possible problems
    should be settled through dialogue and mutual understanding. The ditch
    digging tension implies a negative development for the Kurds while it
    makes the enemies of the Kurds happy, for they have always benefited
    from the divisions and problems among the Kurds. Therefore, the
    problems should be resolved through political means without giving way
    to any tensions and divisions. No solution methods other than dialogue
    and political means should be preferred. In today's modern world,
    where different communities and states accommodate their differences
    through dialogue and political means, the Kurds, too, should follow
    such methods in settling their differences.

           The entire Kurdish people, political groups, and political
    parties have obligations and responsibilities towards the Rojava
    revolution. It is what is expected from the KDP and KRG
    administration, too. All the Kurds expect the KRG administration to
    feel itself responsible towards the Rojava administration and settle
    the differences politically based on dialogue and mutual
    understanding. Therefore, at a time when everybody is looking forward
    for the elimination of barbed wires and walls dividing Kurdistan,
    digging border ditches on the Rojava border is quite an eye-opening
    move. All Kurds expect the KDP to leave such implementations, for the
    Rojava people are negatively affected by recent political tensions. At
    a time when many internationally known intellectuals, writers, and
    politicians call for solidarity with Rojava revolution, the KDP is
    also expected to give political support to the Rojava revolution.

           While many internationally distinguished perosnalities have
    entered into solidarity with the Rojava revolution, our people and the
    political forces in all parts of Kurdistan should protect the
    revolution. It's high time to embrace and defend the Rojava
    revolution. The terrorist bandits, backed by many regional and
    international forces, attack the Rojava revolution; so, this
    revolution should not be left alone. The support for Rojava revolution
    should not be limited to material or spiritual help only; everybody
    should help defending it. Not only the Kurdish people, but also all
    the peoples in the world and the democratic and revolutionary forces
    should side with the Rojava revolution.

    The people of Rojava have made such a revolutionary move that it will
    not only change the fate of Syria, but also determine the fate of the
    entire Middle East. As the Kurds are establishing a free and
    democratic community for themselves, they have at the same time taken
    great steps towards transforming Syria into a free and democratic
    country. As it has already been observed, this revolution will
    influence all the Middle East.

       As we highlight our support for the Rojava revolution which has
    displayed a great and multi-dimensional resistance in recent days, we
    call on the entire Kurdish people, the Kurdish political parties and
    democratic forces to help and side with the Rojava revolution.

    11. 04. 2014

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