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    Erdogan and Barzani insist to digging trenches

    The protests against KDP's digging trenches on the Rojava border continue. KDP's armed forces do not hesitate to open fire on people. Mevlit Heci Yunus, one of the protestors in Semelka, was killed on April 15 by KDP forces.

    The Turkish and Hewler  governments have been digging trenches on the east and north east borders of West Kurdistan since the beginning of April.

    People from Rojava and North Kurdistan stage demonstrations each day  at the borders against the trenches, protesting the governmental attempts to divide people, and to isolate Rojava Revolution.

    ANF reporter on the ground told that the number of peshmerga forces deployed along the trenches has been multipled in the recent days and heavy weapons such as aircraft were sent to the region.  

    Both Turkish and and KDP military forces brutully attack at protestors, open fire and even shoot by targeting.

    On april 15, Turkish soldiers brutually assaulted and led to critical injury of 10 Rojava citiziens on the border as they attempted to cross from West to North Kurdistan.

    The same day Mevlit Heci, was killed by KDP forces at Semelka when he was trying to cross the border between West and South Kurdistan as a protest action.

    The burial ceremony of Mevlit Heci took place in Semelka on April 16.

    At the same time thousands of people from Cizre Cantoon gathered at the border to protest the trenches and the brutal assault of KDP pesmergas on people on Wednesday. People started to fill in the trenches back, even by carrying the banks of earth with their hands. After the mass action, they set 10 tents at the border and started vigilance against the digging of trenches. People declared their determination to continue the vigilance until the digging of trenches are stopped.

    Apart from the border area, people stage demonstrations in each settlement in Rojava to protest the trenches. In Kobane, it was on the initiative of the women's defense forces, Yekitiya Star that the protests were staged. Women stated that digging trenches meant an attack at Rojava Revolution, and therefore a betrayal to the revolution. Women said KDP acted as a partner of the Turkish state in its attack to Rojava.

    In North Kurdistan, Kurdish people and the democratic forces protest against turkish army's intensified military activity, building of new outposts and the digging of trenches. In Mardin, the trade union of public workers organised an action to protest the trenches calling AKP and KDP to stop immediately the digging of trenches.

     In the meantime, in sympathy with Rojava, thousands of people in Federal Kurdistan in the cities of Sulaimani, Derbendixan and Hewler held  demonstrations condemning the trench and called it "un-Kurdish." The protestors in Hewler demonstrated in front of the parliament demanding an extraordinary session to stop the digging of trenches. After the demo, the spokesperson of the action, Mezin Kakayi, was detained by KDP forces. Protestors continue their wait in front of the parliament for the release of Kakayi.

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