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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    YPG launched a new resistance initiative

    West Kurdistan's People's Defence Unities, YPG, has released a statement after the bombings of the gang groups in Serekaniye and Dirbesiye leading to the death of 12 people. Saying that they will launch a new resistance move, YPG called the inhabitants of the region and the youth in particular to get prepared.

    In the statement aired on the website of the armed force of the West Kurdistan, YPG, it is expressed that the Islamıc State of Iraq and al-Sham forces stage savage attacks against the civilians after having been extensively defeated at their attacks targeting Kobane region of Cizire Canton during the March.

    YPG called attention to the bombing attacks in Serekaniye and Dirnesiye on Thursday, April 24, when a suicide attack in Ti Xelef, 4 kilometres away from Serakaniye, took the life of 4 security forces, 1 YPG militant and 6 civilians.

    Having remarked that these two attacks prove the continuation of the savage attacks of the gangs, YPG General Commandership said:  "We are thankful to all the people of the region who support us while we are fighting against the attacks of the ISIS forces. We call all people to take their part in defence of our region and to resist against the enemies of humanity. But this call is by no means our weakness as alleged by some".

    Underlining that they will continue the resistance against savage attacks against all components of the region, YPG stressed that they would defeat the gangs supported by the Ba'athist regime.

    Informing that they are in preparation of a new move, YPG said: Preparing a new resistance move against the possible attacks, we call all the people of the region, in particular the youth to take part in defence actions. We call on everyone who plans to join to YPG, to get prepared".

    YPG launched a new resistance initiative

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