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    Cemil Bayık: HDP is only genuine alternative in Turkey

    Kurdish Communities Union Executive Committe Co-president Cemil Bayik was interviewed by Sterk TV.

    Bayik made important statements on the aims of People's Democratic Party project and AKP's policies obstructing the solution process.

    Last week, Peace and Democracy Party members decided to join to People's Democratic Party, in the parliament in order to contribute to a party building project on a Turkey wide level. The decision was of an utmost importance for the Kurdish movement to become part of a Turkey wide political movement embracing all the oppressed groups of the country.

    Concerning the necessity of HDP project, Cemil Bayik stated:

    "It is necessary to develop a genuine alternative in Turkey's political scene. There is a need for the solution of Kurdish problem, the problems of the Alawith people, of women and the youth in Turkey. It has been proved that the existing parties are incapable of solving these problems. On the contrary they aggrevate the problems. This is now widely admitted by the people. It proves necessary to develop a party and policies for the solution of these problems. HDP sets up itself to realize the desired solutions"

    Concerning the policies of HDP, Bayik said:

    "HDP should take the revolutionary and democratic heritage of the past struggles as its basis. On the one hand stand the gains and the values created by the Kurdish Liberation movement. And on the other hand are the gains, the base and the history of the democratic movement in Turkey. If HDP encompasses these and forms a radical democratic program on the basis of this history and can lead and build such a movement, then HDP can create answers to the concrete demands of people".

    "HDP will develop its policies in Turkey's social base. HDP has to find the ways to combine the values of the left and the Islamic social values on the social basis of the whole Turkey. The Islamic social values are more or less the same with the social values of the left".

    Concerning the recent stance of the AKP government, Bayik said the following:

    "Erdogan made some statements right after the elections. He said 'We are in war with Syria' and 'We will not enact a legal framework for the negotiations, we find it wrong'. This proves that the Kurdish problem will not be resolved through democratic political means, or that it is not wanted to resolve by that means.

    War with Syria means war with Rojava, war with the Kurds, war with the Kurdish Liberation Movement. It is obviuos that a government, which openly declares this war, is not willing to negotiate and to solve the problem.

    The AKP government is in preparation of an inclusive war against North Kurdistan and Rojava. The Kurdish people must organise themselves accordingly and must be able to protect themselves against the possible attacks.

    Cemil Bayik also commented on the Armenian genocide and said:

    "Turkey must offer sincere apology in particular to Armenian people and in general to all ethnic and cultural groups against whom it implemented assimilation and genocide policies".

    Lastly, Bayik added: "The leader Apo is trying to realize his own paradigm by means of democratic methods. This is why he feels a responsibility to Turkey and all the folks in Turkey. For him, HDP project is necessiated out of this responsibilty to all the people of Turkey."  


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