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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    Abdullah Ocalan: Solution or clash both are possible

    The delegation of Peace and Democracy Party and Peoples' Democratic Party visited Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali on 26 April, weeks after the elections. The last visit of the delegation was on March 9. The government postponed the visit of the group several times in the last weeks, without announcing any reason.

    It is reported by the delegation that Ocalan critisizes AKP for not  yet enacting a legal framework for the peace process, and that he proposes  enactment of the Law of Autonomy Of Local Governments and a Law of Democratic Civil Society.

    The delegation have released a statement conveying the messages of the Kurdish leader to the public.  

    According to the statement, Öcalan remarks that the succesful election results in the Kurdish provinces prove a basis for democratic politics and need to be evaluated thoroughly by organized political institutions.

    The delegation also conveyed Öcalan's greetings to workers of Turkey on the occasion of the May Day.

    The statement also underlines  that Öcalan thinks the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) is to play a historic function as a leading and uniting organization in all the democratic struggles for rights and all the areas of public opposition.

    The statement quotes Ocalan's words concerning the process in search of a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. Ocalan says:

    "The process is changing in its character. There is at the same time both an opportunity of a profound solution and a possibility of clashes in the current situation. In particular, the steps the government is to take could both eliminate the possibilty of clashes, and develop a deepened solution in a new format.
    The political government must urgently initiate legal practices if it wants armed forces to return back to social life. It is of historic importance that all legal arrangements, including the regulation of return, are urgently put into practice."

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