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    Mother tongue based education mobilisation

    People of Rojava continue to resist against the attacks, and on the other hand continue to rebuild the social life on the basis of self-management. Rojava people has launched mobilization for education next to attempts at reinforcing the political, military and economic sub-structure.

    One of the main transformations achieved through the Rojava Revolution since 2012 has taken place in the field of education.
    Right after the revolution, the Rojava Kurdish Language Institution has initiated education in native language with 100 students in Sera district of Efrin Canton.

    The mobilization for education has  been first initiated by opening education centers in villages, towns and cities in Efrin.

    Then followed the campaigns to raise teachers in each settlement and to have schools in which the students receive education in their native language.   

    In the mean time, the right to recive native language lessons in the regime schools have been gained after long struggles.

    One of the challenging issues was to raise the teachers who could teach in the native language. In two years time, raising of 1000 teachers could have been achived. 700 of these teachers work in the center of Efrin. 550 of them are women.

    Again in two years time opening of academies, colleges and hundreds of people's education centers in the villages and the towns have been accomplished.

    One of these is Ferzad Kemanger Academy and the other is College of Kurdish Language and Literature.

    Ferzad Kemanger Academy consists of language, literature, history and pedagogy departments.


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