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    Trace of Turkish Intel Agency in Kessep

    Luder Tirtiryan was one of those elderly Armenians taken to Turkey after being forced to leave his home in Kessab. He passed away due to a heart attack on 23April. Video recordings when Luder Tirtiryan was moving out of his house has been uploaded on Youtube recently, revealing the involvement of Turkey's Intel Agency liaison in Kessab deportations.

    During the deportations of Armenians from Kessab, the Turkish state welcomed the elderly Armenians in a village nearby the border in Hatay to repel the allegations about its involvement in the operation.
    The video recordings aired on Youtube shows 82 years old Armenain Luder Tirtiryan moving out of his house  on 14 April.
    Suprisingly, a familiar face shows up in the video while Tirtiryan was leaving his house. The person who talks to Tirtiryan holding a wireless in his hand is Heysem Topalca.

    In the recordings of ORSAM, which is known to be semi official think thank of the Turkish state, Heysem Topalca is mentined as the commander of the Bayir-Bucak Turkmen region.
    Heysem Topalca is  known to be involved in the bombings last year in Reyhanli, in the weaponed trucks of MIT stopped a couple of months ago in Adana, and in the massacre of Alewith people in Latakia.   

    He is also well known as the liaison of the Turkish government, who organises the border crossings of Al-Qaeda and other armed gruops from Turkey, who takes part in and records the massacres and as the one who supplies arms and munition to gangs.

    Heysem Topalca was arrested in the stopped truck of MIT carrying 958 mortar projectile to Syria, and released short time later.   
    It is also known that he was arrested several times in Turkey for short periods because of smuggling and related crimes. He is alleged to be the one behind the confidential testimonies in some court cases, and to be cooperated regularly by MIT.


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