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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    AKP's Syria and Rojava policy is destructive

    BDP Group Chair and Bingol MP İdris Baluken has put a motion to the Turkish Parliament calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the trenches on the West Kurdistan borders.

    Idris Baluken asked whether the decision to dig trenches was a joint decision taken by the Federal Kurdistan Region authorities and the AKP government.  

    In the motion he put to the Assembly Presidency İdris Baluken drew attention to the AKP government's Syria policy, saying: "the AKP's Syria policy and its Rojava policy has turned into a policy of destruction both internally and externally."

    "The Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Syriacs and Armenians living on the Rojava borders have built their own autonomous administrations, and see the AKP's policy as an attack on their gains. As a result of its failed policies in the Arab world, the AKP has now opted to collaborate with Al Qaeda and its gangs. This path chosen by the AKP is opposed by states in the region and the world, and more importantly by the mosaic of peoples in the region.", said Baluken.

    Calling for an inquiry into the aims of trenching and related claims, Baluken added:

    "It is clear that in the short-medium and long term the trench policy will bring no benefit. It is clear that this policy of the AKP is a political attack on the peoples of Turkey and the Middle East. In this context, we request a parliamentary inquiry into the social damage caused by the digging of these trenches, the subsequent mistakes in domestic and foreign policy and the related claims regarding the aims of the digging of trenches on the Syrian border."

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