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    Initiative for democratization of Syria

    The political parties in the autonomus region of West Kurdistan has declared in a press conference that they launch an initiative for the democratization of Syria

    Political parties in West Kurdistan has launched an Initiative for democratization of Syria in a press conference held in Qamisli province of Cizire Canton.

    The initiative has been launched by the coalition of Syrian Democratic Party, Syrian Left Party, Democratic Unity Party, Left Democratic Party, Kurdish Communist Party, Liberal Unity Party, Kurdistan Green Party, Kurdistan Democratic Party, and Syrian Kurds Peace and Democracy Party.

    Reading the statement on behalf of the coalition Ilham Ehmed, member of Executive Committe of Democratic Society Movement  has said Syria needs a democratic change and to free itself from fascist mentality, adding that a comprehensive system in which all the democratic forces can have representation must be established.

    The statement says the aim of the Initiative is to establish a system in which the rights of all the ethnic groups and all the segments of society is provided a constitutional guarentee.

    Ehmed has also said Syria has become the battlefield of many other states since 2011, and this fact transgresses the possibility of a political solution.

    Ehmed has said that a political solution should take priorty for the constitution of democratic Syria in which all the groups can participate without forgoing their identity and added:
    "We have to take the living together of different ethnic and religiuos groups in Syria as a prosperity strengthening the unity rather than seperating it"

    The Initiative announced that they would held meetings with all the oppositional forces in Syria in the coming period and called on the democratic forces in Syria to undertake the responsibility to build the future of the country.


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