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    PKK appeals to European Court of Justice for lift to ban on PKK

    PKK files a lawsuit to the European Court of Justice to be de-listed from European Union Terrorist List. The case can be held in Luxembourg within one and half year.

    PKK objected to being listed in the European Union Terrorist List via PRAKKEN d'Oliveira International Human Rights Lawyers.

    The ban on PKK leads to the victimization of  Kurdish people living in Europe by the state institutions, the violation of  democratic riights and the criminilisation of the democratic actions says the lawyers.

    PRAKKEN d'Oliveira, which is known for its activities for the defense of human rights, has stated in the file that PKK's being listed in the European Unions Terrorist List contradicts with the basic Eropean Laws and it interferes with the efforts to establish a democratic solution to the Kurdish cause.

    Speaking at the press conference the lawyer Marq Wijngaarden said "For a permanent peace in Middle East, PKK must be delisted. The ban on organisation is not based compitibale with international law.

    KCK's Executive Committe member, Zübeyir Aydar also made a speech at the conference saying:

     "Öcalan is an advocate of peace. The state directly and openly negotiates with him. European Foreign Ministers stated on several occasions that they are positive about the process. However, they do not act in practice. EU must side with the peace not the war. EU's interest lies in peace, not war.

    Reminding the ruling of the European Court for right to appeal on 10 February, the lawyers said they would continue their struggle for the lift of the ban on PKK.  

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