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    Mother sent to jail with baby twins in motherday

    A mother of baby twins, Mulkiye Demir Kilic, who has drawn public attention after being convicted to two years and a month in prison with her daughters on charges of "aiding a terror organization," asked for the postponement of her sentence, which is due to begin 19`th May.

    Mülkiye Demir Kılıç said she was not objecting to the jail sentence, but was instead claiming that her 6-month-old twins, Özgür and Lorin, were too young for an environment such as a prison facility.

    According to a very controversial law, convicted mothers can ask to be imprisoned with children up to the age of 6. Calls had mounted to introduce an option in the law that would allow mothers to be released on probation, after Kılıç's case made headlines.

    The young woman, who was working as a sales representative at the Mesopotamian Culture Center, was charged with sending books to members of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

    Kılıç said she was determined to enter jail with her babies after consulting her doctors and experts on pedagogy.

    In the meantime, another mother, a 27 year old woman has been put into prison today with her two children, of 2 and 4 years old, after the Court of Cassation approved her sentence for making propaganda for a terror organisation.

    The lawyer of the family, Mehdi Ozdemir said the 4.th judicial package adopted last year has limited the democracy in the country, adding that she would appeal against this unlawfulness.


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