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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    KCK calls Ezidi's to estabilish their self-defence forces

    Kurdistan Communities Union KCK Committee of Folks and Faiths has released a written statement in which it stongly condemned the recent attacks against the Êzidî community in South Kurdistan by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham).

    KCK Committee condemned the bloody attack against innocent Êzidî people, noting that 6 people have recently lost their life in these attacks. The Committee offered their condolences to the families of those killed in these attacks and to all Êzidî people.

    The statement said "The dirty hegemonic struggle carried out by regional and global powers in the Middle East for years recognizes no ethical values and criteria.

    ISIS is a consequence and a tool of this immoral war and policy which have nothing to do with Islam or humanity. The actual powers that lie behind these groups are the centres which utilize religious, ethnic and denominational identities in order to realize their own interests."

    The KCK statement continued: "The existence of minority groups in our region, especially that of the peoples from different religions and origins, like the Ezidis, Alevis, Christians and the Kakais as well as Asyrian-Syriac, Armenian and Mahellemi peoples, is under serious threats.

    However neither global hegemonic forces nor regional powers seem to be intending to put an end to this dirty war and politics."

    "The only way to eliminate this dirty war and policy permanently on regional aspect is the formation, by all the peoples and religious identities of self-defense forces and political mechanisms on the basis of the perspective of Democratic Nation."

    The KCK Committee stressed that  the only way to eliminate this dirty war and policy and "the required answer to be given to the powers behind these gangs is to establish in all areas the self-administration and self defense model put forward in Rojava."

    KCK Committee of Folks and Faiths called on all peoples and communities, the Êzidî people in particular, to establish their self-administration and self defense,.

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