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    Kurdistan Democratic Islam Congress in Amed

    Kurdistan Democratic Islamic Congress begin in Amed with message from Kurdish leader Abduallah Ocalan. Lasted for 2 days..

    More than 340 delegates are attending the congress, including a delegation of 14 from the Cîzirê Canton of Rojava and a delegation of 171 from the Federal Region of South Kurdistan.

    DTK Co-President Ahmed Türk and Amed Co-Mayors Gülten Kışanak and Fırat Anlı are also in attendance. Representatives of other faiths have also come to the congress as observers.

    Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan has also sent a message to the Kurdistan Democratic Islamic Congress.

    Ocalan stressed in particular the damage caused in the present day by the clash between the two large centres of Islam, the dominant Arab, Salafist current versus the Iranian Shia state current.

    He greeted the congress, saying one of their key tasks was to seek an Islamic response that represented a moral and political expression of the opposition to these two centres.

    The opening speech of the conference was made by Prof.Kadri Yildirim on behalf of the organisers of committee of the congress..

    Prof. Kadri Yıldırım began his speech by addressing the question of the history of the name 'Kurd' and the Kurds' homeland, Kurdistan.

    He then dealt with the process of the Islamification of the Kurdish people, saying the Kurds had initially encountered Islam during the period of Omar when conquering armies reached cities with predominantly Kurdish populations.

    Yıldırım stressed that the Kurds had sacrificed themselves for Islam, evaluating the philosophy of peace, war and ceasefire in Islam.

    Yıldırım said that the Constitution of Medina was a constitution for co-existence and collective participation in government, and that despite the passage of 1,400 years this constitution contained articles that had a relevance for those communities, such as the Kurds, who faced denial and assimilation, and could be used as a model.

    The press is showing a strong interest, with180 members of the media having accreditation.


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