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    Rage against AKP government

    Anger has erupted against the Turkish government after a deadly coal mine disaster in the western town of Soma.

    While the government declared three days of national mourning, clashes erupted in the evening in Istanbul, Ankara, and other big cities of the country.

    Dozens of protests have emerged across Turkey's universities, streets and elsewhere in a number of cities across the country all during Wednesday, blaming the government for the murder of hundreds of miners due to negligence of safety measures.

    In many universities the students boycotted the classes and have been supported by educators and the education workers. Gathering in the campus or the university buildings, students staged protest actions chanting the slogan "This is a massacre, not an accident".

    Protestors also staged actions in front of the Soma Holding, the company that owns the coal mine that exploded, holding placards reading "This building rises on the blood of workers"

    Thousands gathered Wednesday night in Istanbul's Taksim Square while police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. The intervention on Istiklal Avenue is reported to have started very suddenly and very violently. In the mean time, many demostrations have been staged in many other places in Istanbul, all violently attacked by the police.

    Thousands have taken the streets in Ankara, demanding the resignation of the government. The police again attacked brutully on the protestors firing tear gas and water canons.

    The same scenes have taken place in many other cities of the country, including the other big cities İzmir, Diyarbakır, Adana, Bursa, Eskişehir, Antalya. The resistance of the protestors against police violence continued the whole night.

    Following the disaster, four trade unions announced a one day general strike and called for a national walkout on Thursday. Today, the general strike has been massively held across the country.

    Tens of thousands or worker have down tools and organised protests  in many places reflecting widespread anger at the massacre which took place at Soma.

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