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    Soma massacre widely protested in many Kurdish cities

    Early in the morning on Wednesday HDP Presidency has sent a circular letter to all organizations of the party as well as to the mayors in the Kurdish region, offering condolences to the families of the victims and calling for solidarity with the people of Soma.

    The circular said; "Solidarity with the people of Soma and the provision of necessary equipment and technical support is a primary duty needed to be done."

    In the meantime, HDP co-presidents Sebahat Tuncel and Ertuğrul Kürkçü as well as HDP executives in the Aegean region have taken their way to Soma after Selma Irmak and Abdullah Levent went to the scene soon after the incident.

    HDP executive Council also held an extraordinary meeting and called for a "general strike and widespread protests", adding that what occurred at Soma was "murder, not an accident".

    Releasing a statement aftre the meeting HDP stressed that thousands of workers died every year on account of the state and bosses' desire for profit, adding: "It is time to say ' enough' to capital which feeds on human life by cutting costs to ensure greater profits and to the state that closes its eyes to this.

    Kurdish communities Union Executive Council has also released a statement offering its condolesence and calling the mine disaster a murder.

    KCK said: We stand by people of Soma and share their pain as Kurdish Liberation movement and on behalf of Kurdish people. KCK criticised the AKP government for its savage neoliberal policies, adding that, the workers in Turkey, regardless of their being Turk, Kurd, Laz or Circassian have all been made the most profitable object of exploitation for capital.

    Democratic Society Congress, DTK has as well released a statement saying that what matters in Turkey is not the job safety, but production with lower costs.

    DTK sstressed that the dying of workers can not be attributed to occupational accidents but comes as massacres in a country where low paid, insecure and flexible working conditions without any measures taken for job security and required provisions made to improve working conditions are encouraged.

    Meanwhile flags at the municipal building and state institutions and organizations in the main Kurdish city Amed have been lowered half-mast.

    Also, the Soma massacre has widely and massively been protested in many cities in Kurdistan such as Amed, Bitlis, Van, Siirt, Mardin, Şırnak, and in many other districts and towns.
    A protest demo attended by thousands has been organised in the main Kurdish city Amed today in solidarity with the people of Soma.

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