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    KDP raids and closed pro-Kurdish instutitions in KRG

    Public security (asayesh) forces affiliated to the government of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Massoud Barzani raided a number of institutions in Hewler, Dihok and Zaxo of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Monday evening.

    Offices of the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) representative, Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PÇDK), Dicle News Agency (DIHA), Roja Welat daily, Patriotic Youth's Center, Kurdistan Free Women's Institution (Saziya Jinên Azadixwazi Kürdistan) and Weşana Roji Welat Magazine were among those targeted by the expansive operation.
    During the operation many properties in the mentioned offices were seized and dozens of people including journalists and politicians were taken into custody.

    Following the raid, the KDP ordered the closure of the mentioned offices which were raided by security forces.

    The offices remain closed, with guards deployed on the street to deny entrance to the area, where the targeted institutions are located.
    Yekîtiya Star member Nujin Yusuf who was also detained in the operation was expelled and sent to Rojava.

    It is striking that the KPD operation against Kurdish institutions came after the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party's (PÇDK) demand that light should be shed on the disappeared at a press conference it held outside the parliament at the 17th anniversary of the Hewler massacre.

    As a follow-up of Monday's operation against the KNK, PÇDK, DİHA, RJAK, Patriotic Youth's Center and Roja Welat daily, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is denying access from the Maxmur Camp to Hewler since Tuesday.

    Hundreds of people on their way to work from Maxmur Martyr Rustem Cudî Camp to Maxmur have not been allowed to enter the city. The public security forces hindering the entrance are reportedly telling people to leave, warning that their entrance in Hewler will not be allowed.

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