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    Women Conference held in Cizire Canton of Rojava

    The Movement of Revolutionary Young Women of Rojava held its third conference with 230 delegates in the town of Girkê Legê in the Cizîre Canton.

    The Movement of Revolutionary Young Women of Rojava has held its third conference with 230 delegates coming from all over the canton, including the members of both the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Cizîre Canton as well as the Rojava's Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM).

    Among a number of significant decisions taken at the congress was the establishment of a 15-person coordinating committee. TEV-DEM member Henîfe Hisên, addressing the conference addressed the conference,  stressing the need for a woman's philosophy and mode of thinking to destroy the current hegemonic order.

    The conference salon was decorated with banners reading "we started young and will succeed young" and "there is no revolution without women."

    Some decisions taken at the conference are as follows:

    "-The Freedom of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan would be a principal of all work

    -Work would begin to combat child marriage

    -Young women should play a role in every social sphere

    -The gains of the revolution would be struggled for and protected."

    Berçem Xelil, a member of the Revolutionary Women's Movement   evluated the changes since the revolution to Özgür Gündem:

    "Today we have our own communes and councils. We have homes for young women. There is a women's school. This is the message which we give to everyone and which they must understand, and it is the message that young women can organize themselves."

    Xelil said they "had shown that the place of women was not in the kitchen and that if they wanted they could found their own army", despite the socially hegemonic prejudices.


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