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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    HPG rejected accusations of child abduction

    In Amed, some 16 families, alleging that PKK has abducted their children, have joined a 10-day sit-down protest. Kurdish Communities Union KCK, People's Defense Force HPG, Co-Chaire of Peace and Democracy Party BDP Selahattin Demirtas has released written statements on the incident and rejected the accusations..

    On Wednesday, Co-Chaire of Peace and Democracy Party Selahattin Demirtas held a meeting with the families. The families told to press after the meeting that Demirtas would have talks with KCK about the issue.

    On the other hand, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan besetting, called on People's Democratic Party (HPG) to mediate to bring back the children.
    Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Diyarbakır Provincial Headquarters drew attention to a deadlock in the solution process, and criticized AKP for using the incident as a provocation.

    In the meantime, Kurdish Communities Union co- presidency has released a written statement on the incident slamming the specific war policies of the Turkish state.

    KCK has said that AKP's response to the call of Kurdish people and the Kurdish Liberation Movement to take steps for the solution of the Kurdish problem has been launching a psychological war, and the continuation of the non-solution policies. Reminding the MIT documents released recently, KCK said:
    "The MIT document talks about a necessity of whipping up the families of guerrillas against the PKK. This plan of MIT has been put into action in a period in which AKP's non-solution policies have been strongly criticized. While the Kurdish people are awaiting AKP's taking steps for a democratic solution, AKP rather prefers to change the agenda by abusing the families of those youth joining to guerrilla forces by free will".

    Reminding that the HPG is not keeping young people under the age of 18 in its ranks, KCK has said:

     "The perpetrators of cultural genocide, the colonialists, the invaders have no right to talk about Kurdish people, Kurdish youth or Kurdish children" KCK continued: "The Prime Minister, the Turkish politicians and all their institutions have only one right, which is to abandon the cultural genocide and colonialist policies and to solve the Kurdish problem and to take steps ensuring that the Kurdish people can live free and democratically with their own language and culture.The Kurdish youth is heading into the mountains in order to get rid of cultural genocide and colonialism, moreover will continue to do so. The Kurdish youth takes the prime minister of this colonialist state talking about themselves as an insult", said KCK.
    KCK continued its statement by passing remarks on Turkish Prime Minister's saying that they have Plan B, Plan C in a threat to PKK:

    "His talking about Plan B and C appears to say that they have planned a war and political genocide operations. Because the Turkish state has never had any other plans. Their Plan A, Plan B and Plan C have always been the same. In the face of these policies, all the democratic forces and the Kurdish people should step up the struggle for a true democracy and for liberation. People should not allow the AKP to distort the real agenda of the country, and should determine their own agenda by stepping up the struggle`.

    KCK ended its statement by inviting the families of those youth to participate in the struggle for democracy and liberation in order to develop a free and democratic life. "The primary duty of the democratic forces and the whole families is to assure a free and a democratic country for their children and youth", said KCK.

    People's Defense Force (HPG) has also released a statement yesterday regarding the issue underlining they are not forcing anyone into becoming guerillas. HPG stated that that some families are being used as a tool by those waging psychological warfare. The HPG emphasized that it complies with international conventions as regards to the age of those joining the guerrilla ranks.

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