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    TEV-DEM said 'No presidential elections in Rojava

    lham Ehmed, a member of the Executive Council of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM has announced that the Syrian regime will not be allowed to set up polling stations in Rojava, for the election it plans to hold on June 3rd.

    TEV-DEM's Executive Committee member Ilham Ehmed has told to ANF about their attitude towards the Syrian Presidential elections, why the regime preferred to hold elections in this period, and about the relations between Kurdish community and the Syrian regime.

    Underlying that Syrian regime has always approached to the Kurdish community by tactical means and has not so far made an official change in its past attitude, Elhem has said that as a result of its policies Syrian regime holds no legitimacy over the Kurdish community.

    Stressing that they do not see the presidential elections as legitimate, Ilham has said they will not allow the regime to set ballot boxes in any place controlled by the Kurds, adding that the Kurds will not participate in the elections.

    Claiming that it has been the international powers that assuring the Syrian regime to gain legitimacy, İlham added:

    In a period in which the war in Syria reached to its top levels, at least the half of its population has been forced to move out from their houses, the cities has been ruined, the Syrian regime's holding presidential elections is to create a basis for its legitimacy. Geneva II meetings have provided this basis. Both the international powers and the Syrian Coalition have contributed to Syrian regime's regaining its legitimacy.

    Now, it wants to complete the process. It attempts to strengthen its basis by launching extensive operations in the recent times. The Syrian regime tries to tell to the world that it is the only power to rule and bring stability in Syria".

    İlham has stressed that the Syrian regime's having been accepted as a party to be spoken to, prepared the basis for the elections and continued:
    The Geneva meetings have been quite a support to the Syrian regime to organise these elections. Many forces have renewed their approaches to the Syrian crisis following the meetings in Geneva.

    They have seen that Al-Qaida related groups will threaten their interests if they could take control over Syria. They have searched alternatives; however there was no other power capable of building a new regime in Syria. The current Syrian regime have put additional effort to gain back its legitimacy relying on having been the party to be spoken to in Geneva, and the elections has come about as a results of these efforts.

    "To organise elections without making any changes within the regime will bring no change in the situation. The clashes will continue after the elections, people will continue to be dislocated and more importantly they will continue to be killed. The current crisis will get deepened, and will get expanded to the other countries in the region".

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