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    Özgür Gündem: ISIS attack planned in Amman
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    7 children slaughtered in ISIS(ISIL) attacks in Rojava

    Severe clashes broke out between People's Defense Units YPG and ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham gangs in Serêkaniyê. It has been reported ISIS gangs launched an attack targeting the civilians, at least 15 people including 7 children killed.

    Clashes reportedly erupted after the gang groups attempted an attack against YPG forces in the village of Rawiya, 31 km from the Serêkaniyê city.

    YPG fighters are reported to have ambushed and destroyed a vehicle used by the gangs.

    The ISIS members inside the car have also been reported dead while the exact figure of casualties isn't known yet.

    Fighters of the YPG and YPJ Women's Defense Units are also reported to have destroyed the gangs' headquarters in the village as clashes lasted throughout the night.

    It has been reported that at least 15 people have been murdered in attacks by the Al Qaeda-affiliated ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on the villages of Tileliye, Temade and Ovencake.

    While the exact death toll has yet to be confirmed, at least 15 people, 7 of them children, are reported killed.

    First footage to arrive from the area where the massacre took place shows many bodies of civilians lying on the ground.

    Dozens of gang members have been reported killed in these clashes.

    According to the initial reports obtained from Rojava, ISIS gangs launched an attack targeting the villages of ileliye, Temade and Ovencake in Serêkaniyê.

    The exact number of casualties isn't known yet while dozens are reported to have been massacred in the attacks.

    On the other hand, ISIS gangs launched a bomb attack in the Temad village of Serekaniye.

    The explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle has left a number of civilians dead or injured in the village.

    ISIS gangs which have close relations with Turkey, particularly in the areas of Tal Abyad and Cerablus, have been launching a new wave of attacks against Rojava, the Kobanê region in particular, since early March.

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