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    KCK's Exucutive Committe: Erdogan has pursued war policies

    Co-chair of Kurdish Communities Union, KCK's Exucutive Committe, Bese Hozat has passed important remarks on the peace process and AKP policies. Bese said, "there is not a solution process, but a war process going on in Turkey. The state and AKP goverment have developed war policies from the very beginning".

    Bese Hozat, Co-Chair of KCK's Executive Committee has said in an interview with Jinha that the peace process in Turkey has been so far pursued one sidedly by the Kurdish movement, while the Turkish state and the AKP government have always pursued war policies.  Hozat has remarked that  the Kurdish leader Ocalan has initiated the process one sidedly and tried to involve the state into the process.  She has stressed that the process cannot contunie in the form of a dialogue any more, but has to be turned into a negotiation procedure with official documents.

    Hozat has underlined that the Kurdish movement has given enough time to AKP government to take steps, adding that the government has on the contarry continued the policies aiming at the liquidation of the Kurdish movement.

    "The state and the AKP government has developed war policies from the very beginning" said Hozat, adding that the building of military bases, posts, employment of new village guards, detention of thousands of Kurdish politicians were all part of war policies. Hozat pointed out that AKP has closed the possibility of doing legal politics by the imprisoment of thousands of Kurdish politicians through KCK trials.

    Bese Hozat has underlined that the real and the only agent carrying out the process is the Kurdish leader Ocalan, while AKP has prepared for war. She claims that it is impossible talk about a solution process at the moment  as it can only begin through official negotiations. She points out that there is instead a war situation currently created by AKP, adding that AKP is carrying out serious operations and surveillance flights as well as constructing everywhere military posts.

    Bese Hozat has also taken attention to the resistance of people against these policies of Akp in Lice, Mesken, Bingol, Dersim saying that she celebrates people for their determination. She has said that these resistances of people must get expanded to entire Kurdistan as there is no alternative other than social struggle and resistance.

    Bese Hozat has also commented on the youth recently joined to PKK ranks saying that the participations were on voluntary base and on demand of the youth. Hozat has reminded that PKK does not allow the under aged youths to take part in clashes, adding that there is a big demand from the youth to participate the guerrilla ranks as they are disappointed by the policies of AKP.


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