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    Demirtas: Why do government build military posts in peace processs?

    Prime Minister Erdogan's talks about HDP and the Peace process have been strongly criticised by HDP and BDP officials.

    An hour after Erdoğan's challenge on Tuesday, HDP co-leader Ertuğrul Kürkçü issued "an open call" to the government.

    "Do you want children - who passed to the other side of the border, who believe that they have found a safe space there and who chose to go there - to rejoin with their families? The most important thing that you will do is attach importance to the peace process and eliminate inequalities and unlawfulness," Kürkçü said in his address to his parliamentary group.

    Responding to Erdoğan's statement on the government's alternative plans, Kürkçü said: In order to prevent the process leading to a lasting peace and to self-government, the AKP is doing its utmost to put a brake on the momentum of the process."

    The HDP's co-leader vowed to continue their struggle for both peace and the liberation of Abdullah Öcalan.

    Selahattin Demirtaş, co-leader of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), meanwhile, said June 3 that he learnt from one of the families that some of the families protesting in Diyarbakır were being paid by the intelligence organization to do so and that the children had voluntarily joined the PKK.

    "I openly say: We don't advise any child to go to [Kandil] mountain. We are doing politics and we are calling all children to engage in politics," Demirtaş said, accusing Erdoğan of pushing children to join the PKK with his rhetoric against the youth.

    Demirtas also said they were suprised to hear Bulent Arinc saying that the government had no legal preparations concerning the peace process. Demirtas told that the delegations from HDP-BDP and from the government were having talks for a while about the resolution process, as it was also announced by vice prime minister Besir Atalay. Demirtas added that there had not yet been concrete discussions on a road map' but the delegation of the government expressed the will to do so.

    Demirtas continued: "However, we were surprised to hear government's spokesperson, Arinc, saying that the government had no works for a legal framework. Because this is not what is told to us in the meetings" Demirtas stressed that the government could not bring a solution by hiding the truths from the public opinion.

    Demirtas also criticised the government for building 163 new military posts in Kurdistan and said "the question to be asked is not why people are blocking the roads as a resistance, but rather  is why these military posts are being constructed".

    Demirtas said it is not possible to understand the government building these military posts not in  other places of the country but specifically in Kurdistan during the ceasefire. Demirtas added that they support the legitimate demand of people to stop the construction of military posts.

     Demirtas called on the government to take legal steps to bring the Kurdish youths in the mountains back to social life rather than building military posts as a security measure.

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